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    Gather Environment Information Review Existing Issues Review Phone Procedures Perform Initial Health Check

    Premier Support can work hand-in-hand with Technical Account Managers and Enterprise Partners to save your teams valuable time and meet your enterprise needs.

    TAMs are cross-functional technical advisors providing proactive planning and strategic guidance for your organization. Backed by the resources of the entire Atlassian organization and armed with best practices, TAMs help you get the most out of your teams using Atlassian tools.

    Our TAM Program Offering Includes

    In addition to our TAM program, Atlassian has 30+ authorized Enterprise Partners around the globe dedicated to providing custom onsite solutions and services, such as deployments, customizations and integrations specific to your needs.

    Visit atlassian.com/enterprise/services for more information about our TAM offering and other Enterprise services and products.

    Account-wide Coverage

    One fixed price will cover all of your Atlassian product and Atlassian-authored plug-ins. You can have multiple production, staging, and test instances of each of our products all covered by a single $35,000/year Premier Support license. Three named contacts must be identified to open tickets that automatically route to the Premier Support team. There are no other restrictions as to how many other users can be copied and participate on tickets, the only condition that the creation be by one of the named contacts. If you use a solution partner you can expand the three named contacts to five, where three of the named contacts are actually solution partner technical resources that assist you with support and two contacts remain your direct contacts. Please see the Eligibility section below on this page for additional details.

    Weekend Coverage

    Standard Support engineers are online over the weekend to ensure coverage whenever your business requires it. Weekend coverage includes assistance with scheduled outages, maintenance work, and upgrades to help your teams ensure system readiness.Weekend support does not cover free or open source products like SourceTree and Clover, it also excludes HipChat, HipChat Server, and Bitbucket Cloud. Bitbucket Server, Bamboo, Crucible, and Fisheye are limited to only L1 issues across weekends. Weekends start from 5pm US Pacific timezone (UTC-8 UTC-7 DST) until Monday 10am Australian Eastern timezone (UTC+10 UTC+11 DST). Our ability to leverage worldwide offices allows us to shorten weekend hours from 64 hours down to 48 hours, at which time Premier Support resources are back online and ready to serve.

    24 x 7 Phone Support

    As part of our onboarding processes Premier Support customers will receive local regional phone numbers that will connect them directly to an engineer. Phone support is available 24 x 7, however, for issue response and resolution Weekend Coverage conditions still apply.

    Severity Response Times

    Response times are based on incident severity:

    While Atlassian attempts to respond to all issues in a timely manner, issues that hurt our customers' production applications (i.e. Level 1, Level 2) take priority. "Production" is defined as an instance of Atlassian software actively used by the customer's business users it does not include testing systems or production staging systems or environments.

    The below SLAs apply to most of the Atlassian product suite however for specific exceptions and weekend coverage details please visit Atlassian Support Offerings .

    *Premier Support can be added to both Server (Behind the Firewall) and Cloud products. For additional details on coverage and features of Premier Support, please go to Black Paulas Ibiza Edition Flag Logo Espadrilles Loewe SmJlnNI

    ** Priority Support can be added to Server products. For additional details on coverage and features of Priority Support, please go to Priority Support Server Offering Details .

    There are three requirements for Premier Support eligibility:

    If you need to correct information on a form that you have already filed, see Policy on requests for corrections of Forms 2,3,6 and 22 – Canada Business Corporations Act .

    Corporations Canada offers several methods of filing (see How do I file my application under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA)? ). Your request for a certificate of incorporation, sent to Corporations Canada, must also include the filing fee (see Services, fees and turnaround times – CBCA ).

    Corporations Canada does not acknowledge receipt of applications, except for online applications.

    Don't forget that you have to fulfill other obligations once you are incorporated (see Completing provincial and territorial registration and other requirements ).

    Corporations Canada will make sure your articles of incorporation have been properly completed and that the proposed name is acceptable. An application is complete if:

    If any of these things are missing, your application will be considered incomplete. Occasionally, Corporations Canada receives an application for a corporation that does not actually exist in the legal sense (for ex., it is dissolved or has moved to another jurisdiction). In those cases, the application is considered invalid. If your application is complete and valid, with no additional information needed, you will receive your certificate of incorporation within the turnaround time (see Services, fees and turnaround times - CBCA ) for your method of filing.

    Corporations Canada sometimes needs more information for your submitted application. This additional information is needed to properly determine whether your application meets the requirements of the legislation. For example, Corporations Canada often requires more information about the corporate name you are proposing.

    Your certificate of incorporation will show the corporate name, the corporation number and the date of incorporation, along with your articles of incorporation. You will also receive a corporation information sheet that includes your corporation key. When used with a corporation number, a corporate name or a business number, a corporation key allows you to carry out certain online transactions.

    The date of incorporation is the date on which Corporations Canada receives the articles of incorporation and the fees. For administrative purposes, you can request a later incorporation date when you file your articles. Since it is mandatory for certain legal elements to be written with a period (Ltd., Inc., Corp. and S.A.R.F.), Corporations Canada will add one if it is not already included in a proposed corporate name.

    For details on the public availability of corporate information, see Public disclosure of corporate information.

    There are steps to follow if there are problems with your application, depending on what the problem is.

    I pay $160 CAD for my small box each year, and it’s worth it so that 30,000 people don’t have my home address, plus every week goodies from subscribers (like books or cards) show up from them.

    From there you can let MailChimp know if you sell anything online (don’t worry you can change your mind about that later) and connect your Twitter and Facebook profiles (not required or necessary, but useful if you want to share emails to your list on your social media accounts as well).

    Once that’s done, you can let MailChimp know if you want to be on their list for getting started or how to use e-commerce with their software. Both of these lists are fun and contain gobs of useful information.

    From there, you’ll be taken into your brand new, free MailChimp account! At any time, when you’re logged in, if you want to go back to your dashboard, click the chimp head (he’s called “Freddie”) in the top right:

    First, it’s funny to be called “Crappy” by MailChimp, but that’s the name I told them to call me by for this tutorial. We’ll worry about everything else in a minute, but for now let’s just finish optimizing our new account.

    Click on your name in the top left, then Account. Here’s where all your account details live, like how many subscribers you’ve got left on your free plan.

    The first thing we need to do is make our account more secure, so click on Settings, then Security.

    From here you can turn on two-factor authentication using the Authy app or just SMS (SMS is easier, so let’s do that). Click Enable, then enter your phone number. When you do this, you’ll get a security text message when you log into your account, to prove to MailChimp that it’s really you (so no one can hack your account, even if they get your username and password). This is also helpful when it’s time to finally upgrade to a paid account, once you hit 2,000+ subscribers, because if you use two-factor authentication, you get a 10% discount forever .

    Once that’s done, click on Settings, then Verified Domains. You’ll see you’re already verified (from that first email you clicked on), but you aren’t authenticated.

    Authentication is a step most people skip, but you shouldn’t. When you authenticate, you get better delivery results because the inboxes of your subscribers trust that the email they’re receiving from you is legitimately from you. Think of it like a licence plate for email—it proves that you are who you say you are. This helps your emails to not show up in spam or junk folders, so let’s do this step. If you’d like to watch a video of this step on its own, be sure to visit my authentication tutorial .

    Click View Setup Instructions, and you’ll see two DNS changes you’ve got to make to your domain via your domain registrar (the place you registered your domain).

    The above screenshot tells me I need to create a CNAME record and a TXT record so I can be authenticated to send from extremelycrappydomainname.com . Don’t worry about what a CNAME or TXT record is right now, just know you’ve got to create them. Since I use Hover (others use GoDaddy, NameCheap, Gandi, etc.), I’ll show you how to add those records using that service. If you’re stuck, contact your domain registrar and tell them that you’re wanting to create 2 records for your domain and need help. Their support will help walk you through doing that. So here’s what you do in Hover: go to the domain in question, click on DNS and then Add a Record.

    F ν ( k ) = 0 f ( r ) J ν ( k r ) r d r .

    If the transform cannot be computed in closed form, this function returns an unevaluated HankelTransform object.

    >>> from sympy import hankel_transform , inverse_hankel_transform
    >>> from sympy import gamma , exp , sinh , cosh
    >>> from sympy.abc import r , k , m , nu , a
    >>> ht = hankel_transform ( 1 / r ** m , r , k , nu )
    >>> ht
    2*2**(-m)*k**(m - 2)*gamma(-m/2 + nu/2 + 1)/gamma(m/2 + nu/2)
    >>> inverse_hankel_transform ( ht , k , r , nu )
    >>> ht = hankel_transform ( exp ( - a * r ), r , k , 0 )
    >>> ht
    a/(k**3*(a**2/k**2 + 1)**(3/2))
    >>> inverse_hankel_transform ( ht , k , r , 0 )

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    Compute the inverse Hankel transform of F defined as

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